Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our clients. We certainly don’t expect all your questions to be answered after reading this page, so please feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have! Remember: the only dumb questions are the ones that aren’t asked. Or the ones asked by our drummer...

Reserving the Band

What Services Are Provided When I Hire The Broken Heels?

We provide a fully-equipped professional sound system. We'll Emcee your event by facilitating introductions and speeches, providing announcements and directing the flow of events based on our client's predetermined timeline. We'll work closely with party planners to ensure smooth transitions and seamlessly incorporate last-minute changes. The band offers live dinner and dance music as well as DJ services, so the party never stops. 

Additional Services:

1.) DJ services and/or live music for Wedding Ceremonies

2.) Ceremony PA

3.) DJ services and/or live music for Cocktail Hour

What Are My Options?

Wedding Ceremony - Solo, Duo

Cocktail Hour - Solo, Duo, Trio

Wedding Reception - 4-6 Piece Band

(The option of adding horn players to a 5 or 6 piece band is available.)

Private Party - Duo, Trio, 4-6 Piece Band

(The option of adding horn players to a 5 or 6 piece band is available.)

How Do I Hire A Band? What’s The Process?

We accept bookings on a first come, first serve basis. We are unable to offer “soft holds”, meaning that we cannot take the band off the books until we receive a final decision from the client.

When you are ready to move forward with The Broken Heels, we:

1.) Determine if we are still open for your date. If so, we immediately take the band off the books so no one else can book us.

2.) We email paperwork to you outlining the details of the event, many of which can be fine-tuned at a later time. It is important that we have the information as early as possible as it allows us to prepare well in advance so everything is perfect for your event! We ask that you look over the paperwork and sign & return with a 50% deposit within 5 business days (payments can be made by personal check, Visa or Mastercard). The remaining balance is due on, or before your event date, by personal check, bank check, money order or cash. We cannot accept the remaining balance via credit card.

3.) The band liaison’s contact information will be included in your paperwork so that you may contact them directly regarding any and all musical questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out whenever you need, as we are gladly here to help and answer questions at every stage of the process.

We are often asked about our cancellation policy. If you are forced to cancel for any reason, we are able to refund all but $250 of the deposit at the point at which we are able to re-book the band for your date. Otherwise, the deposit is retained by the band as damages.

The Band

Do You Take Requests?

Absolutely! We have an extensive songlist so chances are, we already know your request! Want to play "Stump The Band"? ...challenge accepted!

Am I Required To Provide Meals for the Band?

It is customary and we kindly request that you provide the band with vendor meals. Your venue or caterer will offer these hot meals at a lower cost than your guests’ plates.

What Can I Expect the Band to Wear to My Event?

This is something we will address in your initial paperwork, as we want to dress appropriately for each event. 

Our Rule of Thumb (Unless Otherwise Requested):

Formal Events: Male musicians wear suits/ties and Female Musicians wear elegant evening dresses.

Casual Events:  Male musicians wear nice jeans with a white button-down and vest. Female musicians wear either nice jeans and a blouse or a business casual dress. Although Justin Timberlake would

protest, I’m sure you wouldn’t want us in suits and ties for your company picnic!

Business Casual Events are usually discussed regarding attire, as there is a wide range of business casual and we want to make sure we get it right.

Themed Events: Get us details about your themed attire and we’ll have a blast with it!

Am I Required to Tip the Band?

While it is customary to provide meals for the band, the band does not require gratuity. Clients who choose to tip, generally leave a gratuity of about $20-$50 per member.

My Event

I Am Planning an Event Outdoors. Will the Band Play Outside Under A Tent?

Absolutely! What’s better than playing outside on a beautiful day? We perform under tents often throughout each season and we have several requirements to ensure safety as well as uninterrupted performances:

1) The band needs a small area of flooring if there is no raised stage or platform. Unfortunately, we are unable to perform directly on the ground.

2) Performance area must be in a three sided tent with available side wall flaps, or the band must be provided an alternate indoor performance space in case of rain. We don’t want anyone getting electrocuted, unless you’re into that kind of thing...

3) Band requires access to  solely for their use. These circuits must be located within 25 feet of the bandstand.

How Do I Select the Music I Want to Hear at My Event?

Our song-list is updated throughout the year as we are always adding new music to our repertoire. We try our best to keep our physical song-list as up to date as possible, but as we are always learning new material and keeping up with emerging trends, there may be songs/artists we can play that are not mentioned on our list.

Which songs are performed at any given event is made up of 3 key factors:

1) Popular music that will create an unforgettable party. The band “reads” your crowd and all the age groups in attendance, calling songs accordingly. This is an artful skill at which we excel.

2) General musical styles that fit into your personal preferences. We ask for a lot of feedback into your preferences so we can accommodate your family and guests.

3) What we perform best; songs that help to make us the unique band that we are.

We ask that you place trust in our ability to call songs throughout the party. All of our decisions are made with your preferences in mind and of course, we can accommodate special requests. For Wedding Receptions, you will certainly be able to choose all the material for your formal dances.

What If My Event Runs Over the Requested Time? What If I Would Like the Band to Stay Longer?

Our clients always have the option of booking the band for Overtime. Overtime refers to extending the full band performance beyond 4 hours. This is an additional service you can decide upon during your event. However, we suggest you contract Overtime in advance if possible, which allows us to structure our performance accordingly. We can, of course, roll with the punches though, so let's keep the party going!

As a popular alternative to Overtime, the band is able to DJ music so you can extend the party without extending the live music.